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防疫措施再次收紧 影响了伴侣配对服务

JUN 17, 2021
More Singapore singles in their thirties getting help from matchmaking agencies

本地解封后 出租朋友与相亲需求增加


红娘公司: 一对一配对服务需求 同比增了两成



冠病期间 单身男女仍可视频聊天约会


FEB 9, 2020

DNA match to find a date 



DNA基因检测 助有效健身 寻找配偶


OCT 10, 2019

Hangout with ST: A possible PMD ban, and genetic matchmaking


OCT 6, 2019

Love could be just a saliva sample away


OCT 6, 2019

Looking for live in vein, by matching blood type


OCT 5, 2019

More singles turn to blood type dating to meet 'The One' 


APR 11, 2018

Meet the Singaporean who started her own dating agency from Facebook


SEP 10, 2017

Dating agency runs singles event focused on divorcees and widowed


JUL 19, 2015

More singles than ever looking for love


APR 5, 2015

Cupid takes aim at singles over 40 


Nov 26, 2014

The Most PR Savvy Mumpreneur


FEB 2, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Michelle Goh, organiser of dating events with CompleteMe

DEC 12, 2013

A maverick in matchmaking More singles than ever looking for love